Mahdi Tavakoli (Principal Investigator) 
Abed Soleymani (Postdoctoral)Surgical robot autonomy (w/ Dr. X. Li)
Maryam Mirzaei (Postdoctoral)Surgical robot autonomy
Zahra Samadikhoshkho (Postdoctoral)Surgical robot autonomy
Teng Li (Doctoral)Robot-assisted surgery/therapy
Javad Khodaei-Mehr (Doctoral)Robot-assisted rehabilitation (w/ Dr. V. Mushahwar)
Amir Zakerimanesh (Doctoral)Connected vehicles control (w/ Dr. T. Qiu)
Yi Hu (Doctoral)Robot-assisted surgery/therapy
Yafei Ou (Doctoral)Robot-assisted surgery/therapy
Masoud Jafaripour (Doctoral)Robot-assisted rehabilitation (w/ Dr. V. Mushahwar)
Mahdi Fazeli (Doctoral)Robot-assisted surgery/therapy
Yeganeh Aliyari Shooredeli (MSc)Robot-assisted surgery/therapy
Kirill Makhachev (MSc)Robot-assisted breast brachytherapy (w/ Dr. J. Carriere)
Paniz Sedighi (MSc)Robot-assisted surgery/therapy (w/ Dr. X. Li)
Mahdi Abdollah Chalaki (MSc)Robot-assisted rehabilitation (w/ Dr. V. Mushahwar)
Amir Abdolmaleki (MSc)Robot-assisted surgery (w/ Dr. X. Li)
Sadra Zargarzadeh (MSc)Robot-assisted surgery
Amr Marey (MSc)Medical robot control (w/ Dr. Q. Zhao)
Huaihang Zheng (Visiting Doctoral)Mobility assistance

Graduate AlumniNameProjectCurrent Position
Mojtaba Sharifi (Postdoctoral)Robot-assisted rehabilitation (w/ Dr. V. Mushahwar)Assistant Professors, San Jose State University
Jay Carriere (Postdoctoral)Robot-assisted brachytherapyAssistant Professor, University of Calgary
Ali Torabiparizi (Postdoctoral)Robot-assisted rehabilitationRobotics Engineer, Motion Metrics
Thomas Lehmann (Postdoctoral)Robot-assisted additive manufacturing (w/ Dr. A. Qureshi)Robotics Engineer, Confined Space Robotics
Lingbo Cheng (Postdoctoral)Robot-assisted dental simulation and surgeryDistinguished Associate Research Fellow, Zhejiang University
Carlos Rossa (Postdoctoral)Robot-assisted brachytherapyAssistant Professor, Carleton University
Mehrnoosh Afshar (Doctoral)Robot-assisted breast brachytherapyRoboticist & ML developer, Novarc Technologies Inc.
Abed Soleymani (Doctoral)Surgical skills assessment (w/ Dr. X. Li)Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Alberta
Ali Torabiparizi (Doctoral)Robot-assisted neurosurgery (w/ Dr. K. Zareinia at UofC)Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Alberta
Lingbo Cheng (Doctoral)Robot-assisted, image-guided heart surgeryDistinguished Associate Research Fellow, Zhejiang University
Jay Carriere (Doctoral)Robot-assisted brachytherapy (w/ Dr. R. Sloboda)Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Alberta
Bita Fallahi (Doctoral)Robot-assisted brachytherapy (w/ Dr. R. Sloboda)EIT (Electrical and Instrumentation), Suncor
Thomas Lehmann (Doctoral)Robot-assisted brachytherapy (w/ Dr. R. Sloboda)Robotics Engineer, Confined Space Robotics
Mohsen Khadem (Doctoral)Robot-assisted brachytherapy (w/ Dr. N. Usmani)Assistant Professor, The University of Edinburgh
Meaghan Bowthorpe (Doctoral)Robot-assisted, image-guided heart surgeryHardware Engineer, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates
Ali Jazayeri (Doctoral, 2013)Discrete-time haptic teleoperation systemsControl System Specialist, Attabotics
Mojtaba Akbari (MSc)Robot-assisted AI-powered surgery (w/ Dr. L. Ma)Machine Learning (Computer Vision) Software Developer, Tetra Tech
Haibo Cui (MSc)Connected vehicles (w/ Dr. T. Qiu)
Yeon Kyu Kwak (MSc)Robot-assisted additive manufacturing (w/ Dr. A. Qureshi)
Jason Fong (Master's)Robot-assisted rehabilitationRobotic Control Developer, Kinova Robotics
Renz Ocampo (Master's)Robot-assisted rehabilitationRobotic Control Developer, Kinova Robotics
Carlos Martinez (Master's)Robot-assisted rehabilitationSoftware Engineer, Solidigm
Mohammad Najafi (Master's)Robot-assisted rehabilitation for children (w/ Dr. K. Adams)Software Engineer, XSENSOR Technology Corporation
Michael Waine (Master's)Robot-assisted brachytherapy (w/ Dr. N. Usmani)Medical Student, University of British Columbia
Ran Tao (Master's, 2014)Robot-assisted rehabilitationSystem Engineer, Rheinmetall Defence
Noushin Miandashti (Master's, 2013)Robot-assisted telerehabilitationElectrical EIT, Stantec Consulting
Matthew Dyck (Master's, 2013)Robot-assisted motor function assessment‎Communications Engineer, City of Edmonton
Arefeh Boroomand (Master's, 2012)Robot-Assisted Prostate BrachytherapyInstrumentation & Control Technical Specialist, WorleyParsons
Victor Mendez (Master's, 2012)Stability of multilateral haptic systemsFaculty Member & Lead Instructor, Red Deer College
Sean Hodgson (Master's, 2011)Control of pneumatic haptic teleoperation systemsSoftware Developer, Advanced Measurements Inc.
Alireza Mohammadi (Master's, 2011)Disturbance Observer Based Teleoperation (w/ Dr. HJ Marquez)Assistant Professor, University of Michigan at Dearborn
Hongjun Xing (Visiting Doctoral)Teleoperation systemsDistinguished Associate Research Fellow, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Wanyu Liu (Visiting Doctoral)Robot-assisted brachytherapyLecturer, Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences
Vahid Ghooshkhaane'ie (Visiting Doctoral)Fault-tolerant teleoperationPhD Student, Concordia University
Iman Sharifi (Visiting Doctoral)Robot-assisted rehabilitationAssistant Professor, Amir Kabir University
Mojtaba Sharifi (Visiting Doctoral)Robot-assisted rehabilitationAssistant Professors, San Jose State University
Sepehr Tabatabaei (Visiting Doctoral)Soft tissue modellingAssistant Professor, University of Shahreza
Mahdi Maaref (Visiting Doctoral)Robot-assisted rehabilitationPostdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Riverside
Weihua Li (Visiting Doctoral)Haptic teleoperation of mobile robotsAssistant Professor, Harbin Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai
Ting Yang (Visiting Doctoral)Haptic interaction via analog controlLecturer, Xuzhou Medical University
Mahya Shahbazi (Visiting Doctoral, 2014)Robot-assisted rehabilitationSenior R&D Engineer, Google
Farokh Atashzar (Visiting Doctoral, 2014)Robot-assisted rehabilitationAssistant Professor, New York University
Jian Li (Visiting Doctoral, 2013)Multilateral haptic systems stabilityAssociate Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Farzad Hashemzadeh (Visiting Doctoral, 2012)Time-delayed teleoperation controlAssociate Professor, University of Tabriz
Xia Liu (Visiting Doctoral, 2010)Adaptive Control of Teleoperation SystemsAssociate Professor, Xihua University
Thomas Lehmann (Visiting Master's, 2013)A surgeon's assistant for needle insertionRobotics Engineer, Confined Space Robotics
Hareem Shafi (Research Assistant)COVID-19: Reinforcement learning for healthcareAutomation Engineer, Nutrien
Martin Oghogho Jr. (MEng)Soft exoskeletons modelling and control 
Ting Zou (MEng)Reinforcement Learning for Exoskeleton Control 
Qimengsha Zhang (MEng)Connected vehicles control 
Xiaoyong Hu (MEng)Image-guided Elbow Replacement Surgery 
David Asgar-Deen (MEng)Robot-assisted brachytherapyLead Electrical Designer, UMOVE
Misha Schollie (MEng)Robot kinematic optimizationProject Engineer, Precision Engineering Inc.
Aref Sayegh (MEng)Robot kinematic optimizationEIT, CIMCO Refrigeration Inc.
Anupreet Kaur (MEng, 2011)Heart motion simulation and predictionControl Systems Specialist, Spartan Controls
Vandana Chhabra (MEng, 2011)Heart motion simulation and predictionInstrumentation and Controls EIT, Stantec

Undergraduate Alumni

Iraj HassanzadehAssistant Professor, University of Tabriz, Iran (sabbatical visiting scholar at UofA)
Minh-Tu PhamAssistant Professor, Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon, France
Minh-Quyen LeDoctoral student, Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon, France

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