Task-Space Synchronization Of Nonlinear Teleoperation With Time-Varying Delays And Actuator Saturation

In a nonlinear teleoperation system controlled for task-space position tracking, while the time-varying delay in the communication channel has been addressed, the actuator saturation has not been taken into account yet. Considering that in practice, the actuator saturation is serious constraint, disregarding it in the controller design stage can cause problems. In this paper, we have proposed a control framework to en- sure end-e ectors position tracking while satisfying sub-task control in the presence of the nonlinear dynamics for the telemanipulators, bounded time-varying delays in the communication channels and saturation in the actuators. We have shown that in free motion and when the operator applies a bounded force to the local robot, the proposed controller not only guarantees the position convergence of the end-e ectors but also guarantees the accomplishment of the sub-task control. The asymptotic stability of the closed-loop dynamics is studied using a Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional under conditions on the controller parameters and the maximum values of time- varying delays. The efficiency of the proposed teleoperation system and the control algorithm is validated using numerical simulations with a 2-DOF planar local robot and a 3-DOF planar redundant remote robot.