Multi-lateral Nonlinear Time-Delayed Teleoperation In A Multi-agent Systems Framework

In this paper, the issue of non-linear multi-lateral teleoperation has been considered. The multifaceted nature of controller designation for multi-lateral teleoperation frameworks increment by increasing the quantity of operators. The multiagent System (MAS) based structure is presented as a solution to this issue. The MAS-based framework focuses in light of structures that many intelligent and smart agent interact with each other. A sort of self-intelligence exists inside every agents; implying that each of them knows how different agents are working in the system. Along these lines, the strategy in this paper has some preferences over multi-lateral structure in conventional teleoperation frameworks. In light of the MAS structure, a brought together structure will deal with the overall system. Thusly, there is no compelling reason to upgrade the controller while exchanging the topography of multi-lateral framework. Besides, there is no constraint in the quantity of operators. Moreover, the structure of the proposed controller is to such an extent that some scenarios about the behavior of the operators can be characterized and used in practical manners. At long last, this paper presents a structure for concurrent training and therapy in multi-lateral rehabilitation frameworks as a case study. In this framework, a specialist therapist, various understudy learners and a patient interact with each other to perform both patient recovery and student training. Experiments are done to affirm the performance in presence of stability of the proposed system.