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The Telerobotic and Biorobotic Systems Group is directed by Prof. Mahdi Tavakoli in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Alberta. We specialize in developing robots and robotic systems for various medical/biomedical applications including surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, telehealth, and telemedicine. Our group has three laboratories:

  • CREATE Lab focusing on Collaborative, REhabilitation, and AssisTivE Robotics research,
  • HANDS Lab focusing on Haptics AND Surgery research,
  • SIMULAT-OR Lab as a SIMULATed Operating Room featuring a da Vinci Surgical System.

Overall, our robotics, telerobotics, and biorobotics research aims to develop

  • New technologies for robot-assisted surgery, therapy, and rehabilitation,
  • Human-robot interfaces that provide the sense of touch for the human,
  • Image-guided robotic systems that guide tools inside a patient with superhuman precision,
  • Machine intelligence-based solutions for medicine.

Our robotic, visual servoing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies will make medical interventions more efficient and less traumatic and will also reduce the burden on the healthcare system in Alberta, Canada, and the world.