Lab Tours

We are keen to share our passion for robotics research with our community. We regularly host lab tours during events such as the annual University Open House and the Faculty of Engineering Expo. In addition, we invite the end-users of our medical robotics technologies (e.g., surgeons, physiotherapists and patients), undergraduate/graduate classes, high schools, non-profit organizations and the general public to contact us to request a tour of our labs. The only thing we will need in return is your permission for us to take photos of you enjoying these tours and share them here with everyone!

Livingstone Highschool Student Tour

Eng Phys Club (Nov 2019)

Medical Robotics Class (Dec 2018)

Engg Expo 2019

TeamUP Science - Aug 2, 2017

Engg Expo 2016

Engineering Expo 2015

DiscoverE Girls Clubs 2015

Engineering Expo 2014

Engineering Expo 2012