Haptic Tele-driving Of Wheeled Mobile Robots Under Nonideal Wheel Rolling Kinematic Control And Communication Time Delay

The increasing application of wheeled mobile robots (WMR) in many fields has brought new challenges on its control and teleoperation, two of which are induced by contact slippage phenomenon between wheel and terrain as well as time delays in the master-slave communication channel. In the WMR bilateral tele-driving system, in this paper, the linear velocity of the slave mobile robot follows the position command from the haptic master robot while the slippage-induced velocity error is fed back as a haptic force felt by the human operator. To cope with the slippage-induced nonpassivity and constant time delays, this paper proposes three methods to design the WMR bilateral teleoperation system's controller. An experiment system is set up with Phantom Premium 1.5A haptic device as the master robot and a simulation platform of WMR as the slave robot. Experiments with the proposed methods demonstrate that they can result in a stable WMR bilateral tele-driving system under wheel's slippage and constant time-delays.