Our lab focuses on laser physics and applications, ultrafast and nonlinear optics, metrology, tests of fundamental physics and optical magnetometry.

In particular, we are developing powerful femtosecond frequency combs (stabilized pulsed lasers), where we study the physics of lasers and high-intensity light-matter interaction in order to bring new capabilities across the spectrum, from infrared to extreme ultraviolet. We are investigating ways to use powerful, stable, ultraviolet lasers to directly address nuclear spins in noble gases - room temperature quantum systems with coherence times of many hours! With this exciting new tool we are developing novel tests of relativity and searches for dark matter and other physics beyond the standard model. We also explore other scientific, industrial and medical applications of the tools we develop and the discoveries we make. These include tabletop alternatives to large-scale facilities, biomedical imaging, chemical analysis and material processing.

We have positions available for highly motivated graduate students with excellent background in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or a multidisciplinary background. See flyer for more information.

Dr. Gil Porat

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Physics

Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering, Room 5-269
9211-116 St. NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1H9
Tel: +1 (780) 492-5383