68HC11 Utilities for Windows/DOS

These materials were developed in conjunction with courses taught at the Northern Alberta Institution of Alberta. They are still useful.

The following is a zipfile containing the assembler and the bootloader (for both DOS and Windoze). Decompress this file in the root directory of your hard disk. You will likely want to add the assembler to your DOS path: c:\as6811.

 asmboot.zip (430847 bytes)

Tera-term. Unzip in a temporary directory, run the decompressed setup program, and then wipe out the temporary directory.

 tterm.zip (943317 bytes)

The following is a link to my favourite editor: EMACS (Editor MACroS). This is a *huge* program which is more-or-less an IDE for any programming language that you can think of. It has editing modes for C, C++, Assembly, Ada, and any other programming, text-processing, or scripting language. You can also fire-up programs within it, including, in the windoze case, a DOS shell within which you can assemble your code. I believe that this distribution includes a tutorial, but remember you can always use a mouse for basic editing commands. This file is freeware from GNU.

  Download by going to the GNU Emacs FTP site and getting the full binary installation.

To install the program, decompress it. WinZip seems to mangle the name, so you may need to rename it to something like "emacs-xx.x.tar". Use WinZip to untar this decompressed file in the root directory. Ensure that you set it to retain directory names. This process will create a directory called "emacs-xx.x" which contains further directories. From a DOS command prompt, run the following which adds an emacs entry into the start menu:

c:\emacs-xx.x\bin\addpm c:\emacs-xx.x

That should be all you need to do! If you have problems, try to find a fix on the following page:
NT Emacs Information page.

A library of SCI routines for students. This library does *not* include the KbHit subroutine. Ensure that you modify the .title, etc.

  sci_lib.asm (3631 bytes)