Edmonton Hobbiest Foundry Resources

A colleague and I are in the process of constructing a small foundry for the casting of aluminum.  It is expected that, in time, we will also cast iron.  This page is intended as a log of the construction process, and a collection-point for Foundry resources found in the Edmonton area.

Foundry work is hazardous by nature.  Exercise all caution possible.  Never extend yourself into areas in which you are uncomfortable.  Remember that as temperature goes up, so does the danger.

This page is provided for interest's sake only.  Use the information at your own risk. Everything is under construction.

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Time Sheet of Activities Related to Foundry Construction
Expense Sheet of Materials Associated with Foundry Construction
Log of Foundry Redesigns/Workarounds/Choices

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Links to Edmonton and Area Suppliers of Foundry Materials and Equipment

Material Supplier
Pipe, fittings, etc. for minimongo burner. Plumbing Village Services Ltd.
6804 - 104 Street
Edmonton, AB, CANADA T6H 2L6
(780) 439-4959
Dukast 28 Castable Refractory (~$25.00/50 lb bag) - used for furnace lining.  Inproheat  Industries Ltd.
1305 - 77 Ave
Edmonton, AB, CANADA
(780) 440-2930
Panther Creek Southern Bentonite (~$30.00/100lb bag) - the preferred type for green sand mixture.
Western Bentonite (reportedly quite greasy in green sand mixture)
Parting Dust - available in 5 gallon units.
OCL Industrial Materials Ltd.
13364 Comber Way
Surrey, BC, CANADA V3W 5V9
(604) 594-5050
Fax: (604) 594-1240
Lane Mountain Sand (120 or 200 grit) (~$6.00/80 lb bag) Target Products Ltd.
9503 - 87 Ave
Morinville, AB, CANADA
(780) 939-3033
Lincoln Clay (porcelain clay) - works well in green sand. Plainsman Pottery Supply
8605 Coronet Road
Edmonton, AB, CANADA T6E 4P2 
(780) 440-4791 (includes Fax)
Thermocouples (probe ~$67) - an 18" probe is desired for foundry work.
(check out this link to Omega Products)
Thermocouple Wire (type K) 
Insulating Beads
976 Berger
 Laval , PQ, CANADA H7L 5A1
 (514) 856-6928 
 Fax: (514) 856-6886 
 Toll Free:  1-800-826-6342 
Propane regulator, hose, fittings, needle valve, dial guage. Mutual Propane Ltd.
16203-114 Ave
Edmonton, AB, CANADA, T5M 2Z3
(780) 451-4454
Parting Dust Bedrock Supply
9617-63 Ave NW 
Edmonton, AB, CANADA
(780) 434-2040 
Toll free order phone 1-800-661-3988
Thermocouple Wire Tru-Temp Electric Ltd.
16407 - 111 Ave
Edmonton, AB, CANADA, T5M 2S2
(780) 444-7500
Propane Regulator G D Liquidators
15403 - 112 Ave
Edmonton, AB, CANADA
(780) 447-2787
Fax: (780) 452-2994
Iron Angle, Flat, Sheet, etc. General Steel Ltd.
11915 - 156 Street
Edmonton, AB, Canada
(780) 453-7000.
Iron Pipe (for crucibles) (Marc went to the 18th street location) Metal Supermarkets
7434-18 Street
Edmonton, AB, CANADA
(780) 440-1212
Fax:  (780) 440-4376

15027-118 Ave
Edmonton AB, CANADA
(780) 454-6385
Fax: (780) 454-6389

Iron Pipe (for crucibles)  Acme Scrap Iron & Metals Inc
16405-130 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB, CANADA, T5V 1K5
(780) 447-1623
Dial pressure guage, etc. Princess Auto 
11260 - 163rd St. N.
Edmonton, AB, CANADA, T5M 3R5
(780) 483-0244 
Fax: (780) 484-7080

Links to Various Other Foundry Resources

Ron Reil's Burners