Jodi Clarke's Virtual Gallery: Round 4

These images are digital photographs of several pieces (in varying mediums) by Jodi. Click on a photograph to enlarge the view. This set of images added on 25 Nov 2017.

For other works by Jodi, please go to Clarke Gallery: Round 1, Clarke Gallery: Round 2 and and Clarke Gallery: Round 3.

AF9D1AA3-AC94-4DB5-B79C-6889B6B83EBC AF9D1AA3-AC94-4DB5-B79C-6889B6B83EBC
IMG_1278 IMG_1278
IMG_1280 IMG_1280
IMG_2913 IMG_2913
IMG_4704 IMG_4704
IMG_5870 IMG_5870
IMG_6415 IMG_6415
IMG_7438 IMG_7438
IMG_7616 IMG_7616
IMG_7636 IMG_7636
IMG_7638 IMG_7638
IMG_7643 IMG_7643
IMG_7656 IMG_7656
IMG_7661 IMG_7661
IMG_7662 IMG_7662
IMG_7664 IMG_7664
IMG_7687 IMG_7687
IMG_7688 IMG_7688
IMG_7690 IMG_7690
IMG_7699 IMG_7699
IMG_7716 IMG_7716
IMG_7731 IMG_7731
IMG_9286 IMG_9286