Jodi Clarke's Virtual Gallery: Round 3

These images are digital photographs of several pieces (in varying mediums) by Jodi. Click on a photograph to enlarge the view. This set of images added on 29 Dec 2009.

For other works by Jodi, please go to Clarke Gallery: Round 1, Clarke Gallery: Round 2, and Clarke Gallery: Round 4.

Absinthe Absinthe
Aspiring Aspiring
Autumn Autumn
Barn Barn
BarnCeiling BarnCeiling
CastleRiver CastleRiver
Cursive Cursive
Interior Interior
Onion Onion
Placement Placement
PlantStillLife PlantStillLife
ShadowStillLife ShadowStillLife
StillLife StillLife
Thomson Thomson
VGRiver VGRiver
Vortex Vortex
WhitefoxRiver WhitefoxRiver