Jodi Clarke's Virtual Gallery: Round 1

These images are digital photographs of several pieces (in varying mediums) by Jodi. Click on a photograph to enlarge the view.

For other works by Jodi, please go to Clarke Gallery: Round 2, Clarke Gallery: Round 3, and Clarke Gallery: Round 4.

Roadshow Roadshow
Untitled Untitled
Charlie Charlie
Flammable JFK Flammable JFK
Umbrella Girl Umbrella Girl
Bread Line Bread Line
Rembrandt Rembrandt
emc2 emc2
Flaw Flaw
Dust Dust
Monkey Vase Monkey Vase
Seated Nude Seated Nude
Shroud Shroud
Charllie2 Charllie2
Nude In Red Shorts Nude In Red Shorts
Vulnerability Vulnerability
Terra Bound Terra Bound
Careful About Being Too Careful Careful About Being Too Careful
What to Catch on the Net What to Catch on the Net
Fish Fish
Pears Pears
Just Is Just Is
Boat Boat
Stones Stones
Shore Shore
Cop Cop
Soulmining Soulmining
Blue Nude Blue Nude
Dickwad Dickwad
Drool Drool
Leggo My Van Gough Leggo My Van Gough