EE 239: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate, Winter Term
Physical concepts of passive circuit elements, Kirchhoff's laws and DC circuit equations. Energy concepts, time domain analysis of AC circuits. Impedance, complex numbers and phasor algebra. AC power concepts, resonance, three phase circuits, introduction to machines.

EE 330: Introduction to Power Engineering
Undergraduate, Fall Term
Review of phasor and power concepts, three-phase circuits; Ideal and practical transformers, transformer equivalent circuits, three-phase transformers, per-unit concept and calculations; Transmission lines and their models, capability of transmission lines; Introduction to power systems. Generation, transmission and distribution of power. Click here for more information.

EE 332: Electric Machine, Undergraduate
Winter Term
Theory, basic concepts and characteristics of DC machines, generators and motors. Induction motor theory. Synchronous machine theory. Fractional HP motor theory.

EE 433: Power System II + A Power System Design and Simulation Lab
Undergraduate, Winter Term
Introduction to power system transient states. Analysis of faulted power systems and theory of symmetrical components; Introduction to power system protection; Power system voltage stability. PV and QV curve methods; Power system angular stability; Transient stability and equal area criterion; Steady-state stability and power system stabilizer. A power system design and simulation lab is included in this course. Prerequisite: EE 430 or consent of Instructor. Click here for more information.

ECE 530: Power Quality
Graduate, Winter Term
Power quality disturbances and their characteristics. Theory and analysis of following key power quality disturbances: sags/swells, harmonics and electromagnetic transients. Modeling of network and components for poswer quality analysis. Case studies using transients and harmonics programs. Application of power quality standards, practical aspect of power quality assessment, Custom Power technologies and current developments. Click here for more information.

ECE 730: Advanced Topics in Power Engineering
Graduate, Both Terms
This is an in-depth project course whose offering is dependent on the thesis subjects of power group graduate students. The course will focus on only one of the following subjects: 1) Power system harmonic analysis, 2) Power quality analysis, 3) Electromagnetic transients analysis, or 4) Distributed generation.