Former Research Group of Dr. Sergiy A. Vorobyov


Mr. Matthew W. Morency MSc student 05/2013–04/2015

Dr. Mahdi Shaghaghi PhD student

Dr. Aboulnasr Hassanien RA
11/2007–03/201 Reserach Prof. at Villanova Uni.
Dr. Jie Gao
PhD Student
09/2009–12/2013 with Dr. H. Jiang
Dr. Arash Khabbazibasmenj PDF
Indust, PDF at U of Toronto
Dr. Arash Khabbazibasmenj PhD student 04/2009–08/2013

Mr. Hao Fang MSc student 08/2011–07/2013 with Dr. H. Jiang PhD student at U of Washington, USA
Dr. Omid Taheri PDF
PDF at U of Alberta
Dr. Omid Taheri PhD student 01/2008–12/2012
PDF at U of Alberta
Dr. Mohammad Ahmed PDF

RA at U of Quebec
Dr. Mohammad Ahmed PhD student
RA at U of Quebec
Mr. Xiaowen Gong MSc student 09/2008–07/2010 with Dr. C. Tellambura PhD student at Arizona State, USA
Dr. Youngwook Ko PDF
07/2008–05/2010 with  Dr. M. Ardakani Tenure track RA at U of Surrey, UK
Dr. Alex Geyer Research Associate
with Dr. N. Beaulieu Huawei's R&D, Toronto, Canada
Mr. Jie Gao MSc student
with Dr. H. Jiang PhD student at UofA, Canada
Mr. Khoa T. Phan MSc student
with Dr. C. Tellambura PhD student at McGill, Canada


Dr. Zengmao Chen Visiting PhD student
from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

Defended Dissertations


Mr. Mahdi Shaghaghi Parameter Estimation in Low-Rank Models from Small Sample Size and Undersampled Data: DOA and Spectrum Estimation
Dr. Jie Gao
Efficiency and Security Analysis in Multi-User Weireless Communications: Cooperation, Competition and Malicious Behavior
Dr. Arash Khabbazibasmenj
Generalized QCQP and its Applications in Array Processing and Cooperative Communications
Dr. Omid Taheri Signal Processing for Sparse Discrete Time Systems
Dr. Mohammad Ahmed Collaborative Beamforming for Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. Zengmao Chen Interference Modelling and Management for Cognitive Radio Networks


Mr. Hao Fang Parallel Sampling and Reconstruction with Permutation in Multidimensional Compressed Sensing
Mr. Xiaowen Gong Joint Bandwidth and Power Allocation in Wireless Communication Networks
Mr. Jie Gao Cooperative Linear Precoding for Spectrum Sharing in Multi-User Wireless Systems: Game Theoretic Approach
Mr. Khoa T. Phan Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks via Convex Programming

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