Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECERF W2-104
University of Alberta
Edmonton Alberta
Canada T6G 2V4

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Dr Fedosejevs has over 30 years experience in the development of laser systems and their applications in various areas including fusion energy research, the generation of XUV and soft x-ray radiation for lithography applications, micromachining, thin film coatings and studies in ultrafast phenomena.

Dr Fedosejevs' past research and development work includes the development and application of picosecond optical probe techniques to the study of high power laser-plasma interactions and high temperature plasma phenomena. He has been a visiting scientist at the National Research Council of Canada, the Max-Planck-Institute fuer Quantenoptik in Germany, CELIA (Centre Laser Intenses et Applications) at Bordeaux and at the Institute for Laser Engineering at Osaka University in Japan. He has worked on a number of laser systems including high power nanosecond carbon-dioxide, iodine and glass lasers, picosecond glass and krypton fluoride lasers, and femtosecond krypton fluoride and Ti:Sapphire laser systems. With these systems he has studied a number of high temperature plasma phenomena including absorption, plasma instabilities, x-ray generation, hydrodynamics of the laser produced plasmas and applications in micromachining, laser sensing and laser deposition of thin film coatings. Many of the studies have been related to the quest to develop laser fusion energy.

Dr Fedosejevs has published over 200 research papers.

Dr Fedosejevs' current research interests include:

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