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The Summer School is focused on recent advances in Information Theory and Communications. The goal of the School is to provide a research exchange among students, encourage them to present their work and get feedback from the group of their peers and leading researchers in the field. Students will also benefit from attending seminars given by invited speakers covering the hottest topics in the area and get an insight from a mathematical perspective which would allow them to solve complex problems in modern Information Transmission. This year's speakers are: Prof. John Proakis (Northeastern Universty), Daniel Costello (Notre Dame) and Leonidas Guibas (Stanford University).

The Third Summer School is motivated by the success of the First and Second Canadian Summer Schools on Communication and Information theory, which were organized and held by the HCDC lab in Banff on August 1-3, 2006 and August 20-22, 2007 respectively. Both of them were attended by approximately 30 graduate students and 10 professors. During the three days of the Summer School the participants learnt from four tutorial lectures given by special invited guest speakers: Dr. Frank Kschischang (University of Toronto), Dr. Lutz Lampe (UBC), Dr. Robert Schober (UBC), and Dr. Lance Perez (University of Nebraska) in 2006 and Dr. Brian Hughes (North Carolina State Universit), Dr. Steven J. Wilton, (UBC), Dr. Martha Steenstrup (Clemson University) and Dr. Sumit Roy (University of Washington) in 2007. The students gained additional insight into their research area and others through the student sessions, in which they gave presentations and had discussion sessions with the other students and professors.

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