Information for Prospective Graduate Students

I usually commence supervision of a limited number of new graduate students each academic year. When considering new students, I look for the following qualities because it has been my experience that they are key ingredients for success in graduate studies:

I also evaluate potential students based on the following criteria because they often indicate suitability for graduate studies:

Because I am at a Canadian university, my preference is to supervise Canadian graduate students. Of these, students who have been awarded NSERC scholarships are given priority. Further information regarding NSERC scholarships, including application deadlines, is available on the NSERC web site.

Owing to the schedule of graduate courses offered by our department, it is my strong preference to admit students for studies commencing in September. The graduate-level courses that I recommend my students take include:

I invite those interested in conducting research in my areas of interest to apply for graduate studies through our on-line application process on the departmental web site, paying particular attention to the qualities noted above. You may also contact me directly to express your interest, however, owing to the number of inquiries I receive, I am unable to respond to each indication of interest individually.

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