We are a group of nearly 400 high diverse graduate students from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Great opportunities exist in bringing together such a large community. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Students' Association encompasses all the grad students of our fair department, and the duly-elected ECEGSA Executive is its representative body. Our mission: represent the student body, and make the ECE department (and world) a better place, one grad student at a time. Please contact us, or any of the councilors directly for any suggestions on how we could play a more proactive role to improve your graduate student experience. 

About Us

The Electrical and Computer Graduate Students' Association (ECEGSA) is a student-run group that looks after the social, professional, academic well being of students. The ECEGSA also helps host the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium, a faculty-wide conference promoting student communication and linking academic and industry leaders with emerging researchers. Our current executives are dedicated to the well being of ECE graduate students. We also host events every month with refreshments, fun and informative sessions.

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