My descent from Charlemagne through Hugh Capet, King of France, and Robert I the Bruce, King of Scotland

  1. Charles I "Charlemagne", King of the Franks, King of the Lombards, Emperor of the West (b. 2 Apr 742 Ingolheim, d. 28 Jan 814 Aachen)
    m3. Hildegard of Alemannien (b. 758, d. 30 Apr. 783)

  2. Pepin I (b. as Carloman), King of Italy 781-810 (b. Apr 773, d. 8 July 810)
    m. 795 Bertha of Toulouse

  3. Bernhard, King of Italy 810-818 (b. c797, d. 17 Aug/Apr 818 as a result of blinding)
    Illegitimate son of Pepin. m. 813 Kunigunda Cunegonde

  4. Pepin II, Count of Senlis, Peronne and St. Quentin (b. 815/818, d. aft 840)
    wife's name is unknown

  5. Hubert I/Heribert I, Count of Senlis and Vermandois (b. c850, d. 900 or 6 Nov. 907)
    m. Beatrice de Morvois

  6. Beatrice/Beatrix de VERMANDOIS (b. c880, d. Mar. 931)
    m. 895 Robert I, King of France (b. c865, d. 15 June 923)

  7. Hugh "the Great" of Neustria, Burgundy and Aquitania, Count of Paris, Duke of the Franks (b. c895, d. 16/17 June 956)
    m3. Hedwig of Saxony, sister of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor

  8. Hugh "Capet", Count of Paris, first Duke then King of France (b. c938/940 Paris, d. 24 Oct 996 Chartres)
    m. c969/70 Adele/Adelaide of Aquitaine (b. 945, d. 1004)

  9. Hedwige de France (b. c972-980, d aft 1013)
    m. Rainier/Reginar IV, Count of Mons (b. c950-955, d. 1013)

  10. Beatrix de HAINAULT (b. c1000, d, 1040)
    m. Ebles I de ROUCY, Count of Roucy, Archbishop of Rheims 1021-33 (b. c988, d 11 May 1033)

  11. Adele/Adela/Alix/Alice de ROUCY (b. c1014, d. 1063)
    m. Hilduin III/IV DE MONTDIDIER, Count of Montdidier and Roucy (b. c1010, d 1062/3)

  12. Margaret de MONTDIDIER (b. c1035/45, d aft 1103)
    m. Hugh I DE CLERMONT, Count of Clermont (b. c1030 France, d. 1101 Nothamptonshire, England)
    Hugh and Margarent probably came to England following the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

  13. Adeliza/Adelaide de CLAREMONT (b. c1058, d. aft 1117)
    m. bef 1090 Gilbert FitzRichard de Toneburge, Lord of Clare, Lord of Cardigan (b. bef 1066, d. 1113/1114/1117)
    Gilbert's father, Richard FitzGilbert de Toneburge, was probably a Norman noble who came to England along with William the Conqueror in 1066.

  14. Richard FitzGilbert, Lord of Clare, 1st Earl of Hertford (b. 1084-90, d. 15 Apr/June 1136)
    m. bef 1116 Adelize/Alice de Meschines (b. 1088/94, d. 1128)

  15. Roger de CLARE, Earl of Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford (b. aft 1115, d. 1173)
    m. c1182 Matilda/Maud de ST HILAIRE DU HARCOUET (d. 1195)

  16. Richard de CLARE, 4th Earl of Hertford (b. c1153, d. Oct/Nov 1217)
    m. Amicia FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester (b. 1160, d. 1225)
    Richard was one of the 25 barons who signed the Magna Carta on 15 June 1215.

  17. Gilbert de CLARE, 5th Earl of Hertford, 1st Earl of Gloucester (b. c1180, d. 1229)
    m. Isabella/Isabel MARSHAL (b. 9 Oct 1200, d. 19 Jan 1240)
    Gilbert was one of the 25 barons who signed the Magna Carta on 15 June 1215.

  18. Isabel de CLARE (b. 8 Nov 1226, d. 1254)
    m. 1240 Robert Bruce "The Competitor", 5th Lord of Annandale (b. 1210, d. 1 Apr 1295 Lochmaben Castle, Scotland)

  19. Robert BRUCE, Earl of Carrick (b. 1253, d. Mar 1304)
    m1. 1271/2 Marjorie. m2. c1292 to Eleanor
    With Marjorie, Robert had 11 children.

  20. Robert I the BRUCE, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Annandale, King of Scots (b. 11 July 1274 in Writtle, Essex or Turnberry Castle, Strathclyde; d. 7 June 1329 Cardross, Strathclyde)
    m. 1302 Elizabeth DE BURGH (b. c1284; d. 28 Oct 1327)

  21. Maud Matilda BRUCE (b. c1310 Dunfermline, Fifeshire; d. 20 July 1353 Aberdeen)
    m. Thomas ISAAC

  22. Jonet ISAAC (b. c1337)
    m. bef 1362 John MACALAN (b. c1317 Lorn, Argyllshire)

  23. Isabel de ERGADIA (b. c1362; d. 21 Dec 1439)
    m. c1378 Sir John STEWART, Lord of Lorn (b. bef 1367, d. 26 Apr 1421)

  24. Jean STEWART (b. c1396)
    m. Sir David BRUCE, 4th Baron of Clackmannan

  25. John BRUCE, 5th Baron/laird of Clackmannan (b. 1420 in Cultmalindie, Pershshire; d. 1473)
    m. Elizabeth STEWART

  26. Robert BRUCE (b. bef 1475 Cultmalindie, Perthshire; d. 1508)
    m. 1475 Janet BARBOUR

  27. Hector BRUCE of Cultmalindie (b. c1480 Cultmalindie, Perthshire; d. May 1529)
    m. between 19 Jan 1500/01 - Jan 1501/02 Gelis WARDLAW

  28. John BRUCE of Cultmalindie (b. 1502 Cultmalindie, Perthshire; d. Mar 1547)
    m. c1546 Eupheme ELPHINSTONE

  29. Laurence BRUCE of Cultmalindie (b. 20 Jan 1547; d. Aug 1617)
    In c1571 Laurence was appointed "faud" (sheriff) of the Shetland Islands and moved to Unst.
    His corrupt and tyrannical rule provoked a petition to the royal court in Edinburgh.
    A royal commission travelled to Shetland and in February 1577 took evidence from 700 male
    Shetlanders. Laurence was removed from office, but he returned to the islands in June the
    following year as "sheriff-depute". In c1598 Lawrence completed Muness castle, the northernmost
    castle (now a ruin) in Great Britain.
    m. (first) in 1559 to Helen KENNEDY of Givan Mains
    Had six children: Alexander; Andrew; Helen; Margaret, b. c1566; Marjory; and Elizabeth.
    m. (second) to Elizabeth
    Laurence also had many (c24) illegitimate children.

  30. Margaret BRUCE
    m. c1592 Alexander FORDYCE of Crail (b. c1551; d. c1627)
    Alexander apparently came to Shetland along with Laurence Bruce's party.
    There is a reference to an Alexander Fordyce that records that on 28 June 1601 he was a witness to a legal agreement involving William Bruce of Symbister, nephew of Laurence Bruce. Alexander is described as being a servant of William. It is not certain that this is the same Alexander Fordyce. Symister is on the island of Whalsay, far away from Unst.
    Margaret and Alexander lived in the house "East Booth" at Sandwick Unst, near Muness Castle.
    They had at least one child, Alexander.

  31. Alexander FORDYCE (b. c1604; d. after 1640)
    Lived in the East Booth
    m. c1634 Elizabeth BRUCE of Muness Castle, daughter of Andrew Bruce, who succeeded Lawrence Bruce.
    They had at least one child, Andrew.

  32. Andrew FORDYCE (b. 1640; d. after 1668)
    m. c1670 Elizabeth HENDERSON, daughter of William Henderson, the Laird of Gloup.
    Reported to have had 18 children plus one child before marriage.

  33. Hugh FORDYCE, of Gloup, North Yell, (b. c1668 before marriage of his parents)
    m. c1700 Dorothy BLANCE and lived at Gloup, North Yell
    They had at least three children: James, Robert and Andrew.

  34. Robert FORDYCE, weaver in Gardie, Uyeasound (b. c1724)
    m. c1753 Sarah SUTHERLAND of Clugan, Unst
    They had seven children: John, Dorothy, Marion, Hugh, Thomas, Alexander and William.

  35. William FORDYCE, tailor in Uyeasound (b. July 4, 1771, d. 1838)
    m. 1793 Mary Bruce (b. Jan. 21, 1772 and d. Mar. 2, 1864)
    They had eleven children: William; Margaret; Bruce; Elizabeth; Robert; Thomas Irvine, d. aged 6 months; Thomas Irvine; Joanna, d. aged 6 months; Joanna; Barbara; and Andrew.

  36. Capt. Thomas Irvine FORDYCE, master mariner (b. Jan. 9, 1805)
    Lost in wreck of brigantine "Thule" off Newfoundland, Sept. 28, 1839
    m. Feb. 17, 1831 Wilhelmina Spence of Haroldswick
    They had four children: Margaret Spence, b. Sept. 14, 1832; Thomas, b. June 19, 1835; William, b. Sept 20, 1837; Mary, b. Nov. 6, 1839.

  37. Capt. William FORDYCE, master mariner (b. Sept. 20, 1837 in Lerwick)
    Final command was the four-masted barque "The Falls of Halladale", which he sailed around the world in 1902.
    m. Sept. 15, 1863 Sarah Thomson Govan
    Had eight children: William Govan, accountant; Helen Biggar, died at 10; Wilhelmina Spence; Sarah Thomson; Jane Govan; Thomas, sailed as engineer on "The Clan Ferguson"; Catherine Farquhar; John Govan, engineer.

  38. Catherine Farquhar FORDYCE (d. in Glasgow 1950s)
    m. Thomas COCKBURN
    They had three children: Sarah, John and William

  39. William Fordyce COCKBURN
    m. Nov. 11, 1950 Patricia COWAN
    They have two children: Bruce and Sally

  40. Bruce Fordyce COCKBURN


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