Research Collaboration

The research work at the PDS lab is conducted in close collaboration with industry. Some of the research collaborators/sponsors are

  • Alberta Power Industry Consortium (APIC),
  • BC Hydro,
  • Manitoba Hydro,
  • FortisBC,
  • Enmax,
  • Syncrude,
  • EdF,
  • Areva,
  • NRECA,
  • CEATI etc.

In recent years, PDS lab has established a very close collaboration with Dr. Sioe Mak, inventor of TWACS technology, IEEE Fellow and former chief engineer of ACLARA (a leading AMI company). Dr. Mak is currently sharing his ideas on smart distribution grid with this lab and will advice on some of the PDS lab research activities. Dr. Mak recently visited PDS Lab (Sept 2010) and presented his vision on future distribution systems. Under his agreement, we are pleased to make Dr. Mak's ideas public to stimulate research in the field:

In terms of academic collaboration, we are collaborating with

  • Prof. Majordomo of Spain on the modeling of distributed harmonic sources, especially the nonlinear capacitive resonance phenomenon.
  • Prof. Freitas of Brazil on modeling industry facilities, optimizing feeder reclosing strategies, feeder var and var optimization and distribution fault location
  • Prof. C.Y. Chung of Hong Kong on various subjects of power quality and electric car
  • Prof. Carlos Vieira of Brazil on power quality issues related to DG interconnection

Over the years, we have collaborated with Shandong University of China through the Changjiang Professorship program. This activity has resulted in a research team at the Shandong university which conduct research in synch with the PDS lab. Recently, we start to work with Congqing University of China in the direction of utilization systems.

The PDS lab works closely with other U of A professors. These include

  • Power electronic signaling technology (Prof. Li),
  • Statistical inference (Prof. Huang),
  • Reinforcement learning (Prof. Sutton)
  • Distributed generation (Prof. Mohamed)
  • Data analytics (Prof. Dick)