PDS Lab - Research activities

The research projects conducted at the PDS lab follow the general theme of power disturbances and signaling (i.e. data analytics). A disturbance could have negative or positive impacts. For negative-impact disturbances, we research methods to assess, monitor and control them. To utilize the positive aspect of disturbances, we research methods to extract useful information from them. In some cases, intentional disturbances called signals are created for the purpose of information extraction. More information is shown in the following table.

Negative aspects of disturbances

Positive aspects of disturbances

Area title

Power Quality

Power signaling

Passive approach

Power Quality analysis & measurement

Power Disturbance Analytics

Active approach

Harmonic filters & PQ conditioners

Power electronic signaling technology

Our research activities can be broadly classified into three groups:

Transmission system related research:

  • Determination of supply system impedances using naturally occurring disturbances
  • Online measurement and tracking of load parameters
  • Modeling of industry facilities for power system dynamic studies
  • A novel network decoupling transform and its application for power system analysis
  • Event triggered load shedding schemes

Distribution system related research:

  • Simulation, modeling and control of harmonics in systems with distributed harmonic sources (such as home appliances and electric car chargers)
  • Locating the sources or contributors of power disturbances
  • Momentary interruptions caused by feeder reclosing
  • Grounding related power quality issues in power distribution systems
  • Power electronic signaling technology and its applications such as condition monitoring, power line communication and active protection
  • Power disturbance analytics (e.g estimating line parameter using disturbances)

Utilization system (i.e. load) related research

  • Stray voltage source detector
  • Novel sensors for current measurement
  • Home energy consumption estimation and monitoring
  • Advanced features for smart meters such as stray voltage source monitoring and demand response characterization

Remarks We don't update this page frequently. The best way to find out our recent research activities is to read the list of papers published. We try to update the list at least once a year.