Zhixue (Sam) Liu

PhD Student, Research Assistant,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6G 2V4
Email: zhixue[AT]ualberta.ca


2004-2008: BEng (Electrical engineering and its automation), North China Electric Power University (Beijing)
2008-2013: 500kV substation operation engineer, Jiangsu Electric Power Company, State Grid Corporation of China.
2013-2014: MSc (Energy engineering), The University of Hong Kong. (Nearly all the grades of course modules are A)

Selected Papers (in EI database)

[1]Zhixue LIU, Shihua LI, Hongxu SHAN, et al. Method based on Rogowski coil theory for rapid monitoring insulator flashover in substation [J]. Power System Protection and Control, 2011, 39(13):126-129,133.
[2]Zhixue LIU. Breaker failure protection with autoreclosure [J]. Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2012, 32(1): 147-151.
[3]Zhixue LIU. Rapid monitoring method for breaker's grounding and break faults [J]. Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2013, 33 (5): 168-172.
[4]Zhixue LIU. Improved insulator flashover monitoring systems [J]. Electric Power Automation Equipment, 2013, 33 (7): 167-171.

Selected Qualifications

[1]MIET, membership of IET
[2]Membership of CSEE (Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering)
[3]Certificate of Professional and Technical Qualification for Electrical Engineer, Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering.
[4]Occupation Qualification Certificate (Senior Skill Level), Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (China)

Patent Certificates

[1]Zhixue LIU.A Portable Monitoring System for Post Insulator Leakage Current: China,CN201120035771.6[P].
[2]Zhixue LIU.A Kind of Breaker Failure Protection with Autoreclosure: China,CN201120094671.0[P].
[3]Zhixue LIU.A Rapid Monitoring System for Breaker's Ground Short-circuit Fault: China,CN201120035772.0[P].
[4]Zhixue LIU.A Rapid Monitoring System for Insulator Flashover: China, CN201120038737.4[P].
[5]Zhixue LIU.A Kind of Analog Rapid Trigger System: China, CN201120290709.1[P].
[6]Zhixue LIU.A Rapid Monitoring System for Break Breakdown Fault: China, CN201120263229.6[P].

Research Interests

[1] Issues related to power substation and power equipment, such as protection and condition monitoring.
[2] Issues related to energy conversion.